What People Are Saying

The following are all qoutes from real people. In fact these are only a fraction of all of the blog posts, comments, emails, etc. that we’ve received or found out there about Wedding Mapper!

This is a great website. I found it so easy to use…even my not so computer savy mom figured it all out. Thanks for saving me hundreds of dollars for printed maps in my invitaitons!

Wedding Mapper is a fantastic site– the directions are provided by google maps (maps.google.com) which I have found to be extremely accurate and easy to use. You can also label the maps with the ceremony, reception, hotel and airport locations to make it easy for out-of-towners.

We were very pleased with our map and it was the most helpful thing we could have provided to our guests. We were very worried about how we were going to communicate the complicated directions from multiple points of departure to a number of parking options to the ceremony then from the ceremony to the reception to our guests. Wedding Mapper saved us a ton of time and aggravation. This was a great addition to our invitations. Many of our guests actually told us that they would not have had any clue without their map.

I just wanted to send a note to say what a fabulous service this is! Excellent functionality, great graphics, very easy to use.

I highly, highly recommend WeddingMapper.com. It’s free and super easy and it does all the work for you. And it lets you easily link to your map from your website.

The map was fabulous!! 🙂 It was very helpful to all of our guests. Thanks!

We’re using the Wedding Mapper. I love it… it’s nice how you can plug in all of the addresses of everything–church, reception, hotels, etc. and it appears on the map for the guests. Then guests can enter their own address and get personalized directions to any of the locations. Very cool tool.

We had a lot of fun making the map and our guests loved it!

We had a great time at our wedding and everyone mentioned how useful the wedding map had been.

I’ve discovered Wedding Mapper and now I don’t know what I would do without it! I’m completely thrilled with it! I’ve spent the last hour adding restaurants and places to go to my interactive map. It’s so cool!

I am a very satisfied user of your website – my fiance and I are having a blast designing our wedding map!

Wedding Mapper was a very useful service for us and our guests commented on how much it helped them!

I LOVE this website!!!

Wedding mapper is such a great tool and so, so, so easy to setup and to use. I love it!!! My guests love it and have found wedding mapper invaluable. One guest told me that it was “awesome” and it made it so much easier for her to plan her trip to Washington, DC because she was able to see on an interactive map where everything is located in relation to everything else.

I’ve gotten rave reviews from all of my guests who’ve used the wedding mapper which I posted on my wedding website. I listed several area hotels, the wedding location, area attractions, & restaurants so my out of town guests would be able to find their way around. It was very easy for them to use- just point & click to get directions to or from any of the points listed on the map. I would highly recommend using weddingmapper.com- my guests loved it!

Take the website of http://www.weddingmapper.com, after trying out this service, I must say that it doesn’t get any easier than this. How much better can this get?

Yeah!!! I love this mapper!! So easy to use and great to add to your wedding website! What a great find!

Wedding mapper has really helped me visualize where potential ceremony, reception, hotel and rehearsal dinner locations are in relation to each other. I have enjoyed brainstorming places my guests would enjoy visiting while in the city and plotting them on a map. Wedding Mapper has helped make that easy.

You just saved me so much stress from figuring out how in the world i was going to make a map. Thanks so much!!!!

OMG THIS IS AMAZING. So perfect. Thanks so much for posting this.

This is JUST was I was needing! Thanks sooo much! 🙂

OMG!!! I am in adoration of this! I love it. I have already started creating ours. Thank you sooo much!

My fiancee Carolina and I have had an excellent experience with the Wedding Mapper and think it is a great showcase of the power of Web 2.0 and Mashups. I congratulate you for putting together a killer app that can only improve with time. We can’t wait to send our friends the link as soon as all of the event dates and locations are set. It was easy to configure our wedding map and even easier to use. We recommend the Wedding Mapper to anyone getting married in the year 2007 and beyond!

But, it’s the coolest thing and I couldn’t help but share!

this is such a great site- I wish they had this a few months back before I got married! Thanks for sharing!

Wedding mapper was very useful for organizing my wedding, since many of the guests are coming from other countries, and I could manage perfectly hotel accommodations and transports. The web page is very simple to use and effective for putting all desired information in a very clear way. Very recommended.

Love it, love it, love it. I just made one and linked it to my wedding website.

I’m soooo excited thanks for sharing a professional program that is FREE YAYAYAYAYAYAY!

I’m in the early stages of using wedding mapper but already it has been such a handy resource for us and our wedding guests. I am glad that we can easily place it on our website and allow our guests to gather directions from wherever their starting point is. Handing out general directions just doesn’t cut it much of the time. So thank you for this great resource!

What a great find – thanks for sharing! Saving to favs…

OH MY GOSH!! I love this. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m off to play 🙂

My son is geting married in April and we have quite a few guests coming from USA, Canada and other parts of the UK. I found Wedding Mapper and thought it was a brilliant way to send people information in advance of their visit. It’s especially good for some guests who will be flying in just a day before and won’t have time to familiarise themselves with the area. We’ve had lots of emails back telling us how good it is and everyone especially likes the satelite views!

another awesome tool!!

omg this is great

The map maker is really cool. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, that is such a cool site!

I just have to say again, this site is really awesome, and I so excited our guests will be able to use it for our wedding!

I was just picking my brain about how i was going to print out maps.
This was very helpful!

I can even put a link to the map on our wedding web site.

OMG…it’s awesome. Thanks so much!

This is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing!

Wedding Mapper is SWEET! Thanks Jared, sincerely… I have a few guests that are ‘home bodies’ and fear traveling from their country or city to Toronto for the wedding – so this is great as it streamlines all the necessary details visually.

Loving this. Thank you Mrs. Bee!

I started ours too – this is awesome!

Hey this map thin is pretty sweet! Thanks!

Wish I had known about this two years ago!! We used mapquest – it’s nothing like this website though!

Thank you for the links, I love the mapmaker!

My wedding guests love the convenience and clarity of wedding mapper

OMG!!!!!! This map is great!!

That’s really cool! I love all the fun stuff you guys find!

Most of our guests are out-of-towners, so our Wedding Mapper map will help them plan their route on our big day. It’s saved us money, since we don’t have to include all sorts of maps & direction in our invitations…all they needed was a link to our site. All of friends use Google Maps on a regular basis as well, so the fact that the mapping technology is powered by Google was the icing on the cake!

that’s awesome! thanks for sharing!

This site rocks! Thanks Mrs. Bee…I will definitely be using this site!

that’s awesome! I love it! Thanks

This is a great find, thanks.

This is so handy! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

I have a website on Weddingmapper and LOVE it.
It is really cute and helpful. We have a lot of international guests, so it is a great way for them to be able to visualize the city.
It’s easy and only takes a couple of minutes to set up.

Wish I had know about this a few months ago.

I was lookin for a way out of drawing a map to the ceremony/reception!

omg! this is awesome!

It’s awesome! Thank you! I used it and love it!

Wedding Mapper provided a personal and interactive way of being able to connect with my guests. Maps offered through invitation companies are expensive and I get nervous at just the thought of trying to produce one myself on a computer – the wedding mapper is an effective alternative. The cute icons and interactive options help all guests feel a part of the big day before it even arrives.

OK, that is the coolest site! Awesome find!

I just want to thank you for creating such a wonderful tool. I came across this website by word of mouth, and I will definitely pass this along to my engaged friends. This product makes my life easier because it offers details, directions and a map all in one! This is a product that I would happily pay for.

Thank you!!! That is FABULOUS!!!

Wedding Mapper definitely made planning much easier both for us and for our guests!!

Thanks to everyone for all the great feedback! If anyone has any other feedback please email us at feedback@weddingmapper.com. In the meantime we’ll continue to make Wedding Mapper one of the best resources for engaged couples on the Internet!

Create your own wedding map on Wedding Mapper today!


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  2. I just wanted to say to all the couples if you need help with wedding day everythings ,than this is the place to be. In the wedding mapper there are ideas and stories behind them all , nothing to big nothing to small wedding mapper fulfills them all. You won’t be dissatisfied

    Thank You Wedding Mapper Mrs M.J. Gilson

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