Innate Goodness: Internet Sharing

March 23, 2011

by Kristin Sardina

Public connectedness. It’s something we have come to take for granted in our world of sharing pictures or stories with internet “friends” or selling furniture or clothes to internet strangers. But the revelry still exists. The wonder of data sharing is quite a marvel and unlike any time in history technology has provided a universal means by which people—anyone—can share thoughts, feedback, and media.

It is with this in mind that we are staggered to acknowledge the presence of Wedding Mapper in over 15,000 local areas. Couples from all over the globe are logging in and communing with other couples in their local area through their local WedTalk and even with couples across the world in the global message board. Here, with strangers and yet trusted resources, future brides and grooms come together to get recommendations from each other or just discuss their “cold feet”.  As one bride was brave to share:  Cold Feet

Clearly a support and advice network has been established on Wedding Mapper. But beyond message boards, couples are able to go directly to a source if they believe they have something specifically in common with a couple whose wedding is displayed on the site. Through “Ask a Question” a bride in Singapore can go directly to another bride and say, “Hey! I love your dress! Where did you get that?” or, “Your pictures are amazing. Who was your photographer?” And the couples are more than willing to respond with help. In fact we have close to a 60% response rate for our “Ask a Question” responses, often with one or both parties providing the other with their private email address to take the conversation “offline”.  They don’t even know each other!

Given the degree of ubiquitous, unencumbered internet sharing and trust that Generation Y and Z partake in, provokes the question of whether these generations will be more trusting than the generations that went before them. Certainly finding roommates through Craigslist or partners through Match.com further proves the initial trust in human goodness; Wedding Mapper leverages that generosity as well.

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