Bridesmaid on a Budget by Sharon Naylor

January 4, 2011

Always the bridesmaid and never the bride? Or now you are the bride but are cognizant of asking too much from your bridesmaids? Our wedding expert, Sharon Naylor can help you. Newly off the press her book, Bridesmaid on an Budget, available on Amazon, provides a plethora of information for savvy bridesmaids and conscientious brides.

Given that 67% of women will be a bridesmaid two to five times in their lives, spending on average $800 per wedding on Bachelorette parties, hotels, gifts, dresses, and salon expenses, according to figures from theweddingreport.com, the knowledge provided in Naylor’s book is information all women should heed. In Bridesmaid on a Budget, Naylor offers tips on where to find the best, most affordable dresses and accessories; how to plan fantastic (but low-cost) showers and bachelorette parties; how to give a great wedding gift without emptying your pocketbook; how to minimize the extra expenses of a destination wedding; and more. For the almost 10 million women per year who become one, Bridesmaid on a Budget is an indispensable guide to being a brilliant bridesmaid—without breaking the bank.

For more advice on bachelorette showers, bridesmaid dresses, colors, and anything else you seek answers to, you can ask Sharon Naylor directly in our “Ask The Expert” section on Wedding Mapper here.

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