New Face, New Features

January 28, 2010

Wedding Mapper gathers no dust. Just yesterday we relaunched our homepage, exposing our global, yet hyperlocal, advantage over other wedding websites as well as our tools which are ever-improving.

The new homepage displays real weddings, showcasing Wedding Mapper’s international scope; from Negril, Jamaica, to Cape Town, South Africa, couples are coming to the site to find vendors, review vendors, and use tools to ease their planning process. Beautiful images scroll through to show weddings from around the world. Visitors can explore that local area or check out the weddings to get ideas and inspiration.

Or if couples already know where they plan to wed the homepage will easily send them to their local area so they can start planning. Finding vendors and reading reviews has never been easier.

In addition to ease of planning, Wedding Mapper makes sharing your wedding information fun and easy.  Pairing with Pantone Wedding by Dessy, Wedding Mapper now offers the first in the industry of custom-colored websites that allows couples to coordinate their wedding colors consistently from bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen vests, to the wedding website by selecting specific Pantone color swatches.

It seems like couples across the globe have their finger on the pulse, recognizing the benefits of Wedding Mapper’s site, now made even better with its new face and new features.

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