A New Engagement for the New Year!

January 7, 2008

Happy 2008! We are excited for the start of a new year and have been hearing all over the place that engagements over the holidays are at an all time high. In fact, Jared is actually part of those stats as he decided to pop the question to his girlfriend, now fiance (still not quite rolling off his tongue!) on a a romantic snowy night in Boston. We look forward to seeing his wedding map!

He has actually already started creating it and we have found that a lot of our users are deciding to create wedding maps earlier in the planning process. We think this is a great use of the wedding map because it allows you to plot all of your reception and ceremony venues in consideration, upload photos of each from your site visits and help decide which locations to ultimately choose. After you make your venue decisions, you can add in restaurants, hotel accommodations and other markers that make your wedding map unique to you. We encourage you to start creating your wedding map soon after your engagement!

We are also please to make the following announcements:

1) We have finalized a partnership with Brides.com to integrate wedding maps into Brides.com Wedding Websites. Now, when you create a wedding website with Brides.com, you will receive a free premium version of our wedding maps. The program will be live at the end of the month, so please check it out at www.brides.com.

2) We have hired a third member of the team. Alison Gursky is a newlywed in the SF Bay Area. She is going to be our eyes and ears on the street and will be interacting with other newlyweds, brides and vendors to get feedback on our product and provide recommendations for site enhancements/better user experience. We are excited to leverage her passion and enthusiasm for the industry to help grow our brand!

As we head into the New Year, we continue to make enhancements to the site to improve user experience and pretty soon we will have some new functionality in place that will aim to facilitate communication between brides, vendors and guests at the local level. Look for this functionality coming soon!

Warm wishes for a blissful year with family, friends and fiance’s!


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