Find the Best Wedding Venue with Wedding Mapper!

June 20, 2007

You can spend a lot of time trying to find the best venue for your wedding. Looking for the right chapel for your ceremony or reception hall can be very time consuming. Not to mention the time trying to pick out the best hotels in the area.

Well we were thinking through this problem and we realized that we are sitting on an enormous amount of information about which venues to use in your wedding, which hotels to pick, which restaurants and attractions to recommend to visitors, etc. So we figured maybe we should publish this information and help people plan their weddings.

Of course we realized that people may not want to publish their wedding information, so we decided to put a few stipulations on it. For one, we wait a month after the wedding before we publish a map. We also make all maps anonymous by default and allow people to easily opt out. So far people have responded fantastically, gladly publishing their wedding maps as a resource for future couples.

We don’t have too much data yet, as most of the weddings this year haven’t happened yet, but hopefully over the next few months we’ll have much more data to share. With time it should become a very useful resource for finding all the best wedding venues where ever you are planning your wedding.

Check out all the wedding information, venue information, and vendor information!

And don’t forget to create your own wedding map on Wedding Mapper!

One comment

  1. That’s a fantastic idea! Not only will you make things easier for the newlyweds, you’re also a great help for the wedding guests. Most of the time a lot of money, time and effort are wasted looking for the best wedding location and all. Couple who are about to tie the know will have to spend a shorter time scouring through your site and perhaps after about an hour or so they already have a perfect place for their wedding. One thing, please don’t just include the best. Please include affordable shops and places.

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