More Fun at Your Wedding

May 31, 2007

For me, probably the singly most important thing about a wedding is that the guests have a great time. I went to two weddings this memorial day weekend and both were a great time, going off without a hitch. In both cases, though, I had a ton of time in between planned wedding activities where I had nothing to do.

So I took to wandering the streets and exploring and had a good time of it. In both cases, though, the groom later told me that I should have checked out X, Y, and Z while I was wandering around. Of course it was too late for me to check out X, Y, and Z.

What was interesting was that both weddings used Wedding Mapper to help people get to the hotel, ceremony, and reception, but neither wedding added any nearby attractions, restaurants, bars, etc. to their wedding map. Although the map ended up being extremely helpful (we printed out one page that showed us how to get to everything we needed to get to), it would have been so much better if we they had listed X, Y, and Z so that we could have known more about the area and taken advantage of visiting a place we’ll likely never come back to.

What’s also too bad was that as soon as I told them they should have listed attractions they were slapping their foreheads saying, “Why didn’t we think of that?”. I don’t blame them for missing it, it’s just not part of “what you do for a wedding” yet. Hopefully Wedding Mapper can change that some day!

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