Refer a Great Product and Make Money

May 17, 2007

We’ve received some amazing reviews from the community of wedding websites out there about Wedding Mapper. It has helped us a great deal as we look towards getting this business off the ground. So we got to thinking: how can we encourage people to tell others about Wedding Mapper and how can we better reward them for helping us make this website a success?

After some digging around we came across a few services that facilitate affiliate programs for other websites. They would allow us to set up a program for all of the wedding websites and blogs out there to create a link that would send people to Wedding Mapper. Then, if anyone they refer to Wedding Mapper pays to upgrade their account we would share 50% of the sale with the referrer.

We’re hoping that this could be a great way for all of the websites and blogs out there that write about weddings, including websites for photographers, wedding planners, etc. to make money for referring a great product to their readers and customers. Your readers and customers will be very grateful to you for pointing out a useful tool that makes their wedding planning process easier!

Getting started with these programs is not cheap, so we’d like to figure out if anyone would be interested in participating in this before we dive in completely. So if you would be interested in acting as a Wedding Mapper Affiliate please email us at affiliate@weddingmapper.com and don’t forget to include your name and the url for your website.


  1. I’m very interested in becoming an affiliate of Wedding Mapper. I’m in the process of creating a link to your site. Please let me know how I can become an affiliate. Thanks, David

  2. David, We’re working on putting the affiliate program together now. We’ll let you know as soon as it is ready to go.

  3. Hi,

    I mentioned Wedding Mapper on my blog today- BridalScoop. I am working on building my readship and will soon be launch BridalScoop.com as a full bridal resource site and would love to list you as an affilate- so keep us updated.

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