Helping People Plan Their Wedding

May 16, 2007

We’re starting to roll out some features associated with Wedding Mapper‘s next stage of development. With so many thousands of great wedding maps we thought it would be a great idea to publish these maps after the wedding has already taken place so that future engaged couples can view wedding maps in their area to help them plan their wedding.

We wanted to respect the privacy of anyone using Wedding Mapper, though, so any couple that would rather not have their wedding map published is free to make it private, removing it completely from this part of the site. By default we’re making all the wedding maps anonymous, removing the names of the couple, date of the wedding, and all descriptions that have names or dates in them. Any couple that feels comfortable sharing more information with people can choose to do so, and their wedding map will show up first when people are looking in a specific area as it will likely be more informative than other, anonymous wedding maps.

So far the response from the community of engaged couples using Wedding Mapper has been great. Less than 1% of couples have chosen to keep their maps private. We’ve also received a number of emails from people saying that they wish this had been available when they were planning their wedding and they are happy to have their wedding map published now that their wedding has already taken place. We agree; we think it’s going to be a great resource for engaged couples who are trying to figure out where to have their ceremony or which hotels to use, etc.

We’re working on the interface for exploring these wedding maps. In the meantime we’ve put together a raw list of all publishable wedding maps (where the wedding has already taken place and we have permission to publish the map) in the beginnings of the wedding planning section of Wedding Mapper.

One comment

  1. What about mining these maps for common locations people may want to add? Having a place where new users can quickly add in the airports might be handy.

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