The Benefits of a Wedding Map

April 12, 2007

Married Couple Holding HandsWe get a lot of comments from people saying how they would have loved to use Wedding Mapper to create a map of their wedding if they’d only known about it earlier. Many of these people will not be getting married for months, but they’ve already hired a professional designer or spent hours creating their wedding map by hand to include in their invitations.

Although it is unfortunate that they were not able to save themselves time and money by using Wedding Mapper from the start, they can certainly still benefit from creating a wedding map with Wedding Mapper. When we describe to them how they can still use they almost always end up creating a map and thanking us for the suggestions. So I figure it was time to write a short article about how to get the most out of Wedding Mapper, even if you already have a printed wedding map.

  1. An online map of your wedding can help your out of town guests plan their trip more effectively. They’ll be able to easily see where the airport, hotels, reception, and ceremony are, making it easier for them to make decisions about where to stay.
  2. Your Wedding Mapper map allows your our of town guests to become familiar with the area before they arrive. I’ve been to two weddings in the past few weeks and both times I was completely unfamiliar with the immediate area around the hotel (even though I lived close by). Had either couple created a map of their wedding and included some highlights in the area I would have known where to explore and wouldn’t have spent all my time just hanging out at the hotel.
  3. A Wedding Mapper map gives you a great opportunity to let people know why you decided to get married in this specific place. It may be special to you because it is where you met, or where you grew up, or simply a place that both of you have wanted to travel to for some time. What ever the reason, use your wedding map to describe this special place to people and help them get excited about coming to your wedding. Even if they are local, you can tell them things about this place and how it relates to you and your fiancee that they probably did not know.
  4. Your guests, photographer, caterer, etc. can easily get directions to any number of places they need to go during your wedding. People may be flying in, staying at hotels, getting their nails done or pictures taken some place. Nothing is more convenient for them than an online map of the wedding area that they can use to get directions.

There are numerous other benefits of create a map of your wedding online with Wedding Mapper, not the least of which is saving on custom design work by a professional designer. Still if you’ve already gone to the trouble of creating a printed map of your wedding hopefully this advice will prevent you from dismissing Wedding Mapper without giving it a little thought. It is free and very easy to use and can really benefit your guests, your vendors, and yourself come your big day!

One comment

  1. I have definitely bookmarked this for when we set all of our details in stone for our wedding.

    Saving Up for My Wedding

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