Planning a Wedding? Some Advice on Creating a Great Wedding Map

March 29, 2007

bride.pngAre you getting married? Trying to plan a wedding and communicate all of the details to the hundreds of people who will be attending, from guests to caterers to photographers? Well a wedding map can go a long way towards ensuring everyone has a great time and maintaining your sanity on your special day.

The best part? It’s free and super easy to do.

Here are a few tips on how to create a great wedding map using Wedding Mapper.

  • Be sure to include all key locations, including hotels and airports.
    • The key benefit of a Wedding Mapper map is for your guests to be able to see where everything is in relation to everything else. This is especially true for hotels and airports. Guests want to be able to see where they are staying and how close they will be to airports, the reception, the ceremony, etc.
  • Tell people about the area, include markers for local attractions.
    • Don’t look at your wedding map as a purely informative tool. This is a chance to tell your guests about a place that is special for you in some way because you chose to get married there. It likely says a lot about you and your fiancee that you chose this location, and you can use your wedding map to show people some of the highlights of the area so that they can learn more about it and get excited to visit.
  • Don’t add too many markers.
    • Frequently people get caught up in their maps, adding everything under the sun. The map quickly becomes overwhelming for people who are visiting. Sometimes this is justified because you are showing people all of the nearby vineyards for your wedding in Wine Country or something to that effect, but usually it is because people are just having fun making the map. Pay some attention to the markers you add to the map. Pretend you are a guide book and try to add only the most important attractions, letting people know why something was important enough to add to the map.
  • Add Photos!
    • Nothing brings a wedding map to life like photos of each location. It will add an extra dimension to your maps that your guests are sure to appreciate!
  • Make sure your guests see the map.
    • So often people create their wedding map and then hide it in the Directions page of their wedding website, making it look like a link to MapQuest. You’ve put some time into this and it’s really going to help your guests get excited about coming to your wedding. Make sure they see it and understand that this is something you personally put together!

If you follow these simple steps don’t be surprised if you get more than a few rave reviews from appreciative guests!

To get started on your own wedding map head on over to Wedding Mapper .

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