Custom Urls!

January 28, 2007

We’ve just released two important new upgrades for accounts that have paid to have the ads removed. Now, when you pay to remove the ads from your map you also receive two additional benefits:

1) A custom url for your map.

Now you can choose your own url such as:


We’ve received quite a lot of requests for custom urls, so we’re excited to get them out there. They are first come, first serve, and, although we expect everyone will be able to get the url that they want, we encourage people to purchase it sooner rather than later to ensure they get the url they want. These urls will be good for one month after your wedding, at which point they will expire so that future couples can get their first choice, as well.

2) An enhanced code snippet.

Now you can include your map in your wedding website in it’s entirety. It will show all photos, provide driving directions, etc., right inside your wedding website.

The best part is that you get both of these enhancements along with an ad-free map and list view for the same low, one-time price of just $9.95. If you’ve already paid to remove the ads, you have the ability to use the enhanced code snippet from the share section on the map page or choose a custom url right now from your account page.

We hope these enhancements make your experience with Wedding Mapper that much better. If you have any problems or feedback please let us know.

And, as always, please help us spread the word to others who are getting married.

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