Will We Rip You Off?

January 12, 2007

In the last few days I’ve come across one question and one comment regarding the legitimacy of Wedding Mapper:

Via an email:

One of my friends told me that shortly before the date of the wedding you send out a notice (via e-mail) that you have to subscribe for whatever fee there is or your personal wedding map will be deleted? Is this true?

Via Life Hacker:

I hate to bring in the negatives, but I’ve heard from a friend as well as my fiancee (both of whom use theknot) that unscrupulous venders who know who you are and who your vendors are, will call on your behalf, cancel your services, and then call you at the last minute when you’re desperate for whatever service they cancelled.

You end up screwed, paying more, and having to find an alternative … or doing without.

I’m not trying to be alarmist, and I’m certainly not saying don’t use these services. I’m just urging caution and preaching awareness. Nobody wants to have to deal with that sort of thing on their big day.

I realize that there are probably a number of unscrupulous wedding-related websites out there that are going to take advantage of you a day or two before your wedding, but Wedding Mapper is not one of them. I’m not 100% sure how to communicate this to people. Maybe it is just a matter of time. You have my word, though, that we are not here to rip you off. I am dedicated to making Wedding Mapper one of the best resources available for people who are getting married.

If anyone has any idea about how I can make people feel more comfortable with using Wedding Mapper I would love to hear them!

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