Welcome to Wedding Mapper

January 12, 2007

Welcome to Wedding Mapper !

We’ve decided to start this blog in order to inform people about Wedding Mapper. We’ve got lots of great ideas about where to take Wedding Mapper and how to make it an extremely useful site for people who are getting married. We’ll be using this blog to update people on our progress.

You can read all about Wedding Mapper on the about page, but I’ll provide some extra details here. Basically I’ve been developing another mapping application, CommunityWalk, which is a much more generic mapping application, for almost 2 years now. Over that time I’ve learned a great deal about how people use the application and what types of maps people create. This is where the inspiration for Wedding Mapper came from. People were using CommunityWalk to map out their weddings, and I realized that I could provide a much better interface for mapping out your wedding than CommunityWalk.

So I took the opportunity to take what I had learned from CommunityWalk and build Wedding Mapper. I’ve had (and continue to have) the help of some great people, including Lauren Sardina (moral support and marketing help), Chris Jehle (administrative and financial help), Arena Reed (design), Anne Russell (icons), Pivotal Labs (engineering help and a place to work), and Commerce.net (financing and great advice).

I quietly launched Wedding Mapper just before heading back to Boston to see my family for Christmas and started spreading the word about it just last week. On Sunday Google Maps Mania wrote the first article about it. Life Hacker quickly followed and then Wedding Mapper appeared on the del.icio.us front page. This attention was enough to get the word out and it got picked up by a number of blogs, including WeddingBee and a number of other wedding related blogs. There’s still a lot of work to be done getting the word out to people who are getting married, but this was a good start and the reaction so far has been fantastic.

Wedding Mapper is going to continue to grow and improve, so stay tuned to this blog and help me get the word out!

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  1. Interesting. Been looking for information on this. I have this huge list of bookmarks as I’m compiling information. I guess I have to ad one more.


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